Tip Tuesday – Repurposing the Swiffer

I love my Swiffer.  Seriously, it makes house work so easy!  But, I sometimes get tired of buying all those cover pads that I just end up throwing away.  And then I spotted the most brilliant invention at a friend’s house.  Using your Swiffer handle, cut down a piece of an old rag towel, so that it is roughly the size of the Swiffer head plus an inch or so on all sides.  Then you wrap the towel up and around the head, and secure with rubber bands.  You now have your very own reusable Swiffer dust cloth!

Either use your towel dry, or add a bit of moisture for more of a mopping effect.  And when you are done or your towel is too dirty, simple pull off the rubber bands, and rinse it out in the sink.  Every once in a while when your towel gets really dingy you can pop it into the washing machine with your other laundry.

Simple, economical, and most importantly, Eco-Friendly!

Enjoy, Allison

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