Look With New Eyes

So I decided to make my past post ‘Look With New Eyes’ into a series, featuring photographs that I’ve taken where I’ve been surprised by the outcome.  You’ve probably had this happen to you too, when you take photographs you often have a sense about great photos versus the not as great ones.  But sometimes when going back through, I’ll find a photo that I never gave a second glance to.  And suddenly, I’ll be inspired, and a few clicks later and I have a brand new photograph, and one I really love too!

That’s exactly what happened with this photo, taken with my iPhone, during a weekend picnic in Connecticut.  As you can see from the ‘Before,’ it was nice but nothing special.

A little fiddling with an editing software, cropping it to be 8″x10″, and its a whole new picture, and one I personally like a whole lot better!!

Ciao for now, and check back tomorrow for this week’s project!  (Hint, it involves vinyl!)


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