Project 1 Update – A New Light

Today is a very rainy day here in NYC, so I figured a fun new light post was in order to bring in a little sun!

I was perusing Pinterest the other day when I spotted a light that someone had pinned, which they had described as being made out of coffee filters.  Those of you who remember my first Project, will know that I have also made a light out of coffee filters, and honestly for about 2.5 seconds I thought, Hey, that’s MY idea!  But then I clicked on the link and discovered that while the light was made from coffee filters glued to a paper lantern just like mine, she had used a different technique.  So I calmed down, and realized that this was a fun variation on the light that I had made, and wouldn’t it be a fun project to try this variation as well.

So I immediately ran out to the dollar store to stock up on as many coffee filters as I could, pulled out my trusty glue gun and was off!  I had found with my past light that I was worried the weight of the coffee filters might pull apart the underlying lantern.  So this time I decided to first paper mache coffee filters on top of the lantern for strength.  This left me with a very sturdy and hard base, and I know I won’t ever need to worry about my light falling apart.

Then instead of folding each filter like I had last time, I simply pushed a finger up in the center, to elongate the ruffled shape of the filter, giving me a dime-sized base to apply glue too, and then a more compact bunch of ruffles at the other end.  I knew I wanted a slightly fluffier look than my last lantern, so I didn’t obsessively pack the filters in, I let them have slightly more room to breath.

Possibly because I used a larger lantern, and possibly because each filter ended up longer than when folded, but this time I was left with a really huge light!  It is approximately 24 inches across and really makes a fantastic statement piece!  I love the light and fluffy look, and think it would be fantastic in a dining room or a bedroom.  I can even see it making a statement in a small boutique of some sort!  Visit my new lighting store to purchase one of your very own, or let me know if you’re interested in a custom size.

Hopefully this brought a bit of cheer to your Sunday, even if it wasn’t as dreary as my own.  Stay tuned for a new 30x30x3 project tomorrow!


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10 Responses to Project 1 Update – A New Light

  1. Temple Morris says:

    I love your work, this pendant in particular! Can you tell me what kind of glue you drenched the coffee filters in for the underlying layer? Also, I’d like to make one that’s about 32″ when I’m done, so I’m thinking I’d start with a 24-28″ lantern. Do you think a larger globe will tolerate the weight?

    Thanks so much for sharing how you made it.

    • In terms of glue, I used watered down elmer’s and some added mod podge. Basically any white craft glue will work just fine. In terms of the larger size, I just don’t know. I’d make sure your lantern was as strong as possible (in terms of quality of lantern) and really make sure you have a good solid layer of the glued on coffee filters. Other than that you will just have to hope for the best. And good luck! Come back and let us all know how it turns out. Allison

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  4. Dana says:

    I don’t quite understand how you drenched with glue the coffee filters before you started. How did you place the filters onto the lantern? Flat, overlapping? I have to see things to understand,lol. I love these lanterns and have had this on my to do list for awhile. Thanks!

    • Well it’s just like papier mâché, you mix up a basin of glue and water, and then you either dip the pieces of coffee filter into the basin or you can brush it onto the lantern first, then on top of the coffee filter once its in place. Really as long as you get the glue soaked into the coffee filter pieces the exact technique isn’t important. I usually rip the coffee filters into either thirds or quarters and then overlap them, because trying to get the full big circle on the spherical lantern is tricky.
      Does this help? Allison

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