Project Fail – Paper Cup Wreath

I love perusing the internet for project ideas, and inspiration.  And as I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest has been a great place for me to find new ideas.  So when I spotted this wreath I got so excited!!  Isn’t it just lovely?

This photo is from the online wedding magazine Utterly Engaged, but I found it through this blog post.  (If you go to the magazine, the paper cup tutorials start on page 149.)

I knew I had a bunch of paper cups left over from a party I had had this past December, and I thought this would be a perfect use for them!  Well somewhere between this bright idea and the lovely finished product in these photos, reality set in.  I don’t know if my cups are larger (I think they are) or if I did something else wrong (like not be super exact with the overlap, some cups stick out a bit more than others) but my wreath is huge, and floppy, and kind of egg shaped.  I haven’t had a chance to photograph it, because I just made it last night, but it makes me sort of sad because I was so excited about this project at first and it went so horribly wrong.  My cups weren’t pure white, they were a pale cream, but that was the least of their problems.

I’ll try to take photos and post them, but for now I’m leaving this as a Project Fail and not counting it as one of my 30x30x3 projects because I it just doesn’t feel right.  I’m hoping to find more cups, maybe this time in a more appropriate size, and try it again, so maybe you’ll see this project pop up again in a few weeks.

For now I leave you with these beautiful photos of their successful wreath, and I’ll be back tomorrow with my newest light project, and big project number 20!

Ciao, Allison

*UPDATE: So I just read the instructions more carefully and she used 4 oz Espresso cups.  Well that would make a huge difference, wouldn’t it!  Ok, so now I really need to try this again just to make up for my stupid mistake.  Maybe this time I’ll mark the exact overlap first, before I start, so I know my circle will be even…  Now I just have to figure out where one purchases 4 oz paper Espresso cups.  Suggestions?

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2 Responses to Project Fail – Paper Cup Wreath

  1. Have you heard of You can submit fails to them and they gladly share them! ; ) I still think it’s cute, though!

    • Interesting, I hadn’t heard of, I’ll have to go check it out right now! Maybe I’ll submit photos once I take them, but I think I’m being picky more than anything else… Now that I figured out I was using the wrong size cup, I’m excited to try again.

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