My Life, an Update.

I apologize in advance, this may get a little bit wordy…

Things have been changing a lot recently, which means that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed in life, and that’s why I haven’t had a chance to post my next project.  The quote I posted a few days ago can really sum everything up.  “Things fall apart so that other things can fall together.”  I think what attracted me so strongly to this quote wasn’t just the sentiment that there are better things around the corner, it was the exact phrasing.  There were days when my life really felt like it was falling apart, screws loose, wheels off the cart falling apart.  And trust me, that isn’t a great place to be.

But then, the sun started shining again.  Literally.  March 1st, my birthday, marked the first day that I had direct rays of sunshine hit my apartment since before winter.  And honestly, there is nothing like a good bright sunny day to cheer you up.

And then, things started just falling together like nothing had ever been wrong.  The most exciting being, I am now employed!  (Or I should say, I WILL be employed, in about 6 weeks…)  After graduating with my Master of Architecture I took some time off, got a puppy, and really threw my heart and soul into my business.  And then Labor Day rolled around and I was no longer on vacation, I was officially Unemployed.  Now truth be told, I was having a lot of fun doing what I was doing, and I maybe didn’t throw myself into the job hunt as rigorously as I could have.  But the thing is, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be, professionally.  I’m still not really sure where I want to be in 5 years, but I know that no matter what, I will be doing creative things.

So, while trying to figure out who I was, I learned about this amazing internship program offered by the Guggenheim Museum here in NYC.  They hire interns for all departments, but the one that captivated me was Exhibition Design.  Not only did that sound like it could be loads of fun, but in a place like the Guggenheim, could you ask for a more interesting space?  So I hurried around, gathered my references and put together a small portfolio and then I anxiously applied.  I had no idea how popular the program was and what chance I had of being accepted, but I just held my breath and hoped for the best.  And last Friday my dreams came true!  I went in to interview with the director of the exhibition design department, and she offered me a position on the spot!!  I still can’t quite believe it, but as of June 10th I will be spending the next 6 months learning as much as I can about exhibition design at the Guggenheim Museum!

The absolutely crazy thing is, on the same day that I got the email about the Guggenheim interview, I also got a phone call from an old teacher at my high school, asking if I would be interested in teaching science to elementary school students for the month of May when one of their teachers goes on maternity leave.  The awesome thing is this would be a way for me to make some money (unfortunately the Guggenheim internship is primarily unpaid) plus the timing would give me something to do before starting my internship in June.

So this past Monday I spent all day at my old high school, sitting in on science classes and meeting with all the appropriate teachers and administrators.  The day was absolutely exhausting, but it all paid off because yesterday I got the call that I got the job!!  So now starting May 2nd I will be teaching science at The Brearley School for 5 weeks before starting my internship!  I will be teaching 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th graders, and the first two weeks will be spent co-teaching to give me a chance to learn the schedule and hopefully most of the girls names (Brearley is an all girls private school, which I attended for 13 years from K-12.)

But basically, this has all been a really long winded way of me saying ‘I have been really busy lately and that’s why I haven’t posted any new projects in a couple of days.’  And you can add on a promise, that there will be a new project up tomorrow morning!

And I’ll leave you with this little bit of advice.  If it feels like your life is falling apart right now, hang in there because you never know when it might just start falling together again!  If it wasn’t for all the jobs that I didn’t get along the way, I never would have been free to take advantage of these two amazing opportunities.

Ciao, Allison

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