Preview – My New Cabinet!!

So I know I owe everyone a new 30x30x3 project but I am too excited about the new cabinet I just found on the street!!  It was in the garbage heap from my very own building, and if I hadn’t been out walking Basel just that instant I might have missed it!  I am so super duper excited I just had to show you guys.

The color is a bit funky because its already night time (at least in my dimly lit apartment) and right now the cabinet is just hanging out in my hallway, waiting for me to clean it and paint it and find it a new permanent home.  So I photographed it from inside the bathroom, through the open door, but the color is a bit yellow from the artificial lights.

Right now its painted an off white, sort of a Linen White (Benjamin Moore) color.  Its also a bit old and distressed looking, but I’ll fix that in no time.  I will probably scrape it a bit after cleaning, and sand the rough patches, and then I’m thinking a brand new coat of cream paint.  Probably Bavarian Creme (Benjamin Moore again) which is my trim color throughout my apartment, and which I happen to have half a can of in my closet.  I might try and do something more fun with the interior, or maybe use fun paper for the interior back.  I’m not sure yet…

I think the final home will be in my bedroom, since I don’t really have space in my living room and all the rest of that furniture is more modern.  But we’ll see.  I put little fuzzy floor protectors under the legs so now I can just slide it around to my hearts content!

Here Basel wanted to pose with the new cabinet, since he felt partially responsible.  I’ll do an official ‘Rescued from the Curb’ post when I’m done, but I just had to show it off because I’m just so excited!  Nothing beats free furniture with character!!

Ciao, Allison

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2 Responses to Preview – My New Cabinet!!

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  2. I love your blog! As a fellow crafting junkie, I’m happy to view such creative work!

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