Cabinet Process

Just a few quick update pics of my cabinet.  Its slightly slow going, and it looked a bit worse before it got better… but its finally getting there!  Next step, another coat on the outside.  Then I have to move on to the interior, and that will depend on how much paint I have left over.  If I run out of the white, I may have to get creative!

And now, hopefully if the light behaves, I’ll get more photos of my new lamp shade and can post that full project later today.  So stay tuned!  Allison

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2 Responses to Cabinet Process

  1. Sheri C says:

    For the inside have you thought about getting wallpaper remnants from the paint/wallpaper store? Sometimes you can get ends that are left after they do samples or a project VERY cheap.

  2. Wallpaper remnants are a great idea. Usually I use wrapping paper, since its nice and cheap, and I’ve often found some really fun graphic black and white prints at places like Ikea. I’m still figuring out what I’ll do, but it all depends on my white paint supply. I might paint the shelves white and then paint the back of the interior with the raspberry color I used as an accent wall, or with chalkboard paint. Or I might use the white I have left for the back and then just paper cover the shelves. Who knows…

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