Deja Vu?

So here I am again, to talk about Etsy again, because I made it to the front page, AGAIN!!  This time it was my Spiky Paper Pendant Light that you all know and love from this very blog, in a fun treasury that I’ve included here:

(I just love the photo of that old car, it looks like a worn pair of blue jeans to me!!)

However, more importantly, on the topic of lights, I created a new one tonight and I will be posting it tomorrow (hopefully, if the light in my apartment cooperates and I can get some photographs) as one of my last few 30x30x3 projects!  I know I’m almost out of time, but I’ve been trying to think of projects that will be really fantastic and unique, and that’s not always the easiest thing to do!

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!  Ciao, Allison

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2 Responses to Deja Vu?

  1. tereasa cox says:

    i would love the crayon a b c’s but when i tried to see the tutorials of the different letters it just took me to a google page! i would love it if you could help me with this! these would be awesome for my 4 & 5 yr olds!! thanks tereasa cox

  2. Hi Tereasa,

    Well its pretty simple. First, you need to figure out the size of your picture frame, and you are going to pick your letter. Then you go into Word and you type that letter, in a font that you like, to be appropriately sized for your frame. (I actually did this in Photoshop so I could stretch my letter to be taller than it normally is, but that is an unnecessary step.) The original tutorial that I followed then recommended making the letter an outline, so that it wasn’t super strong and black on the page. You then print it out on the nice paper that you want to use as a background.
    Then, you are going to glue your crayons into place. I measured them out, and then used my Xacto knife to cut them to the proper size. The original tutorial used a pin tool to make a small hole and then simply broke the crayons down to the right size. Either way is fine. I just cut and glued as I went, but if you’re worried about a final result you can always lay out all your cut crayons first, before gluing any. I used hot glue, because its speedy, but the original tutorial recommended white glue, and certainly for a project with kids that is probably the better glue to use.
    And that is pretty much it, you are done. You can figure out how complicated or simple a shaped letter you want to make, and just go from there.
    Good luck! Allison

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