Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek!

So in writing my update post I forgot to mention another exciting feature, my Mixed Book Page Artichoke Light (which I believe I posted a photo of in this post) that is so famous on Etsy, was featured in a mini article in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine!! It was part of their “Popularity” issue from this week, in their feature on Etsy.  You can see the original link here, but this is the graphic that was in the magazine: 

Needless to say I’m thrilled, since even though they didn’t mention my shop name, it is pretty easy to find my lamps if you use the word “Artichoke” in your search parameters.  Mostly I’m just so immensely honored to have my light chosen as the one product to be an example of what Etsy has to offer.  Thank you Bloomberg!!

Stay tuned for a new project post tomorrow.  Ciao! Allison

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3 Responses to Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek!

  1. Graceline says:

    Allison, congratulations you very lucky girl. I am sure hard work has gotten you to this point. All of us Etsy folk are hoping for the coveted front page, even 100 sales would be nice, and you hit the big time. Way to go!!! As an ‘Etsy’ sis, I am very proud of you.

  2. Congratulations, Allison! How fun!

  3. CraftyCrazyGal says:

    Congratulations on the mention!

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