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Soda Can Tab Large Drum Shade

Sunday greetings everyone, things have been a bit crazy around NYC recently, due to the freak snowstorm yesterday!  We may have crazy weather, but we’ve never had snow in October, and enough that it actually started sticking to things!  I’ll … Continue reading


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Faceted Pendant Lights – The Large Drum Shade

So my large faceted sphere light has been attracting a lot of attention recently, and one reader asked how much light it cast and if they could use it to light a room.  It struck me that maybe this was … Continue reading

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Art Around NYC – BMW Guggenheim Lab

This summer was a pretty exciting time for The Guggenheim Museum here in NYC.  Along with stillspotting (    ) nyc they also collaborated with BMW on the beginning of a really cool six year project, called the BMW Guggenheim Lab.   … Continue reading

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Soda Can Tab Small Pendant Light

A few weeks ago I was down in DC and had a chance to spend some time with my college roommate.  Since she had witness a lot of my crafting first hand she was curious about the lights I’ve been … Continue reading

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PBS Arts: Off Book – Etsy

This was a very exciting week for me, PBS Arts released a new video in their Off Book series, this time focusing on Etsy and featuring three different sellers, including me and my lights!  I couldn’t be more proud, the … Continue reading

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Mod Laser Cut Shape Drum Shade

I’m a self-professed pack rat.  And usually it means that my life is filled with a bit more clutter than necessary.  (Did I say a bit? I meant a LOT…)  But, every now and then it pays off and of … Continue reading

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Art Around NYC – “stillspotting ( ) nyc” by The Guggenheim

I’ve realized recently, as I get busier and busier, that if I want to keep this blog going I’m going to need to branch out a bit from my project posts, and include some other cool things in my life. … Continue reading

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