PBS Arts: Off Book – Etsy

This was a very exciting week for me, PBS Arts released a new video in their Off Book series, this time focusing on Etsy and featuring three different sellers, including me and my lights!  I couldn’t be more proud, the video is absolutely gorgeous thanks to the amazing guys over at Kornhaber Brown who both curate and film the series.  Check out the video here (which also features amazing Etsy sellers BROOKLYNrehab and reiter8) or visit PBS Arts online for the original PBS source.



Ciao, and check back early next week for a fun new light project that I am so excited about!  Allison

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1 Response to PBS Arts: Off Book – Etsy

  1. Loved watching the video! Very well produced – and fun to see your work appreciated in that way. I know I’ve featured it on my humble little blog and on my pinterest posts. I’m all about repurposed and recycled, so your work fits right in.

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