Art Around NYC – Clocktower Gallery

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit the Clocktower Gallery here in New York, as part of a Guggenheim Intern program.  To quote the website, “The Clocktower Gallery is a non-profit art center located in lower Manhattan.  Founded in 1972, the Clocktower has long been the site for ground breaking exhibitions and art residencies.  The Clocktower is also home to AIR, Art International Radio.”  And its built right below this really cool looking clock tower!  Check out the awesome photos from their website:

Basically its this kind of trippy gallery space, where they have artist residencies, and run a radio station, and have music performances.  They have a larger space on the official top floor of the building, and then a private staircase up into the room right below the clock, with access to this amazing wrap around deck with those big stone eagles.  Here are some great pics I snapped of the view, we all sort of decided that this was just the kind of place you’d fire off the Bat signal from!

This was one of those amazing spaces where everything you saw was probably art of some kind.  They had these funny ‘talking’ light bulbs that flickered on and off along with recordings and would bicker back and forth.  They sort of looked like strobe lights and were part ‘cool art’ and part ‘annoying flashing.’  I’m still debating that one.  I also loved the staircase up into the official ‘Clocktower Gallery,’ it was all covered in graffiti, and was really gorgeous.  I stupidly only had my iPhone with me so the pics are a bit grainy, but you get the idea.

And then, coolest of all, right up in the Clocktower Gallery there was this art piece/installation/architectural fabrication, honestly I’m not really sure what you’d call it.  But whatever you’d call it, it was so amazingly awesome, oh and bright orange!  The curator in charge of the gallery who gave us the tour said that the piece also had this upper stage space, so it could be incorporated into the musical performances they have in the space, I think that’s the upper deck space.  

Personally I think it looks like it would make an amazing playhouse.  I mean there’s that interior space that could be a desk for doing homework, the upper space could be like a tree house, you could decorate it with christmas tree lights.  Seriously, coolest playhouse ever!  Now I’m sad I didn’t have one as a kid.  Though who am I kidding, I wish I had this space right now, forget the kid part…


New project to come Monday!  Ciao, Allison

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