Through the Camera Lens – The Transit Project

You probably have all gathered by now that I LOVE crafting.  Hand me a glue gun and I’m a happy camper!  But what you may not know is that I also love photography!  Sometimes these days it seems like all I’m shooting are product photos, but I’m always keeping an eye out for the next great photograph, no matter where I am.  I’ve posted my photos here before, but I thought I might try and make it a more regular series, featuring photos that I might be taking currently or ones I’ve taken in the past.

The fun thing about photography is that you don’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment to have fun.  Over the summer I discovered the awesome iPhone app Instagram, and immediately I was hooked!  I had been looking for something to occupy me during my commute to work, and now I had a fun new toy to play with.  I started scanning through old photos I’d taken, searching for anything that might make a fun new polaroid and that’s when I discovered this photograph, which I had taken in Medellin, Colombia on a school trip two years ago.

I had already loved this photo, but there was a new added pop with the increased contrast and cropping, thanks to Instagram.  And immediately, my eye gravitated towards the bright road yellow in the center of the photo, and a new project was born.  I’ve dubbed this “The Transit Project” and while it includes a few photos like this from past trips, the bulk of my journey has been capturing the mundane NYC subway system on my way to and from work.  (And one on Ferry to Ikea…)  I think what I love so much about this is taking something gritty and giving it a bit of a new spin, thinking about it in a more material way.  The gleam of the silver trains versus the bright yellow on the platform, and the dark black of the tunnels.  The quality isn’t high, because the photos are all taken in low light with my iPhone, but the point isn’t to have a fancy photography project, its to look at something in a fun new way.  So I hope you enjoy these next few photos, and if I capture any other great ones moving forward I’ll make sure to share them!

Ciao, and have a lovely weekend!  Allison

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