Book Cover News

I have more super exciting news to share with everyone, who recognizes this photo on the gorgeous book cover for Hannah Nunn’s new book ‘Illuminate’?

That’s right, it’s my light!!  Hannah, who makes absolutely STUNNING paper cut lights of her own, had contacted me last year about including my Paper Starburst Light in a gallery of photos at the back of her new book.  I said “of course!” because seeing my light in a book would have been so cool, no matter what the size of the photo it would have been amazing.  Well, what do you know, the photo attracted attention and it ended up as the cover of the entire book!  I couldn’t be more excited, can you tell?!  While it isn’t due out until November 2012, you can pre-order the book through Amazon UK or you can sign up to be notified when it is available for pre-order through Amazon USA.  (Seriously, seeing my light there on a page on is absolutely mind blowing.)  Oh, and is it just me or does Hannah have one of the most graphically pleasing names ever?!

Speaking of Hannah, you must must must go check out her gorgeous lights.  She sells them through her own website, as well as her Etsy shop, and a physical shop called Radiance in the UK.  (What a fantastic name for a lighting shop!)  And while you’re at it, check out her fun blog where she talks about her lights, and lots of other lovely things.

I am just so honored to be part of this project and I can’t wait to see the book when it is finally published, I just know it is going to be absolutely gorgeous cover to cover!  Well, you’ve probably had enough exclamation points to last a lifetime with this post (I swear when ever I talk about this cover I practically speak in exclamation points!) so I hope everyone has a lovely start to this Leap Year week, and I’m off to edit photos for a very special post coming up this Thursday.  Why special?  Because its my birthday!

Ciao, Allison

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7 Responses to Book Cover News

  1. cooper says:

    I just made one of your lights last week, using a pink colors paper lantern and white vellum. It glows a perfect shade of pink. It will be a gift for my best friends young daughter. I’m very excited with how it turned out.

    • allisonpatrick says:

      Fantastic! Did you make this light? I’d love to see a pic of the finished product, if you wanted to share. I’ve been wanting to experiment with using colored paper lanterns under white paper, so I’m excited to hear you were pleased with the results. Congrats, I’m sure your friend’s daughter will absolutely love it.

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  4. vic johnson says:

    I just loved your Bday balloon thanks for the info.

  5. Sanne says:

    Oh I love your lights!! And to think that I could make one myself if I were as handy as you are 🙂 It’s just fascinating to me how you come up with these ideas, you are so creative! I love the lamp on the book cover, I also love your fortune-tellers lamp. Do you use Ikea rice-paper lamps as a base for all you constructions?

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