Chalkboard Animals Anyone?

One of my favorite projects from my 30x30x3 journey were the cork pencil cups I did with animal silhouettes painted on them.  Anyone remember these?

Anyway, I was recently thinking about them and it occurred to me, what if instead of cutting out a stencil and painting the animals on, what if I cut the animal shapes out of a vinyl chalkboard sticker?  Then you would have a cute animal AND a chalkboard label, all in one!  I had made the stencils by hand cutting each animal out of contact paper with an xacto blade, so how different would it be to cut them out of a vinyl label instead?

I can’t wait to try this out, now I just need to purchase some vinyl chalkboard labels on Etsy and dig up those old silhouettes I had found for the original project.  I’m sure I saved them digitally somewhere…

I’ll update everyone once I’ve had a chance to try this out!  Cheers, Allison

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6 Responses to Chalkboard Animals Anyone?

  1. Sue A says:

    These are gorgeous Alison, look forward to seeing more!

  2. Ann says:

    Great idea… the dog shapes would work perfectly as labels… just enough room to write a name or whatever.

  3. sam says:

    thanks this post

  4. Evelyn Colby says:

    Doxies! Love them! Where did you ger the templates?

  5. Those look great! I just added your link to my Tin Cans Up-Cycled post. Let me know if that isn’t ok with you. You have a great blog!

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