My New Website

Hi All,

So I know I disappeared again, sorry about that!  And here is why.  Not only have I been crazy busy juggling teaching full time with my lighting business (which is feeling more and more full time also) but I have also been working on launching my new website!

I’ve been thinking about making an official website for my lighting for a while, and finally I did it!  I was able to get the domain name and I’ve been working on adding more and more info and photos and features as fast as I can.  It also includes some new portfolio photos I’ve been working on, like the photo here which I took a few weeks ago.  It features my large coffee filter pendant (or now a slightly smaller size actually) and is set up to evoke thoughts of summer weddings and garden parties.

It has been a labor of love, with emphasis on both those words because although I absolutely am in love with it, it has been a lot of work!  It is still in progress, as I collect more photos and get more products posted, but for now I am considering it officially launched and I could not be more proud.

All in all life is a bit crazy right now, but things should calm down in the next week or two (after my 90 progress reports are due) and so hopefully then I’ll have a chance to write a bunch of new posts about some exciting new projects.

Ciao, Allison

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One Response to My New Website

  1. alexis says:

    well done and congratulations on your new site.
    I am so impressed at your dedication and commitment. keep up the good work…

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