Sing for Hope Piano on Location

Hola! Guess what?  This is my 100th post!  Wow, who would have imagined it.  I’m super excited to be posting these amazing photos of our piano on location around New York City as my 100th post.  Though to honor the true craft blog intentions of the 3 R’s, I promise to have a fun photo tutorial as my 101st post.  But for now, back to our piano project.  Here is a shot I love from the June 16th special day at Lincoln Center.  (I have been recently playing with this new iPhone app I discovered, Color Splash.)

Zipper8Lighting SFH Piano 1

Our piano was located out at the Queen’s Museum, directly across from the old World’s Fair Unisphere.  We had a home in a lovely little gazebo, which helped to protect our piano from the many rainy days during the two weeks it lived outside.  But the absolute most exciting thing that happened, even more exciting than seeing our piano at Lincoln Center, was that our piano made it into the New York Times article about the pianos project!!  There was an excellent photo of our piano both in the print edition and in an online slideshow on the Times website.  We were ecstatic, to say the least!

Zipper8Lighting SFH Piano 2

Zipper8Lighting SFH Piano 3

Here are a few photos that I took when we went to visit our piano on location.  There were a bunch of kids who were really enjoying it!  I also loved how the pink color really popped next to the lush green foliage, it made it especially easy to spot peeking out of the gazebo, even from far away.

Zipper8Lighting SFH Piano 04Zipper8Lighting SFH Piano 05

Next our piano traveled along with the other 87 pianos to Lincoln Center for one spectacular day of concerts and general piano fun.

SFHPiano Lincoln Center 7 SFHPiano Lincoln Center 8 SFHPiano Lincoln Center 2SFHPiano Lincoln Center 1 SFHPiano Lincoln Center 3

Seeing all 88 pianos together at Lincoln Center was truly magical, even if my ears were ringing for days with the sound of all those pianos being played at the same time.  Pix 11 News did an short news video about the special day, and the concert that was held at 7:08 pm, featuring all 88 pianos being played at the same time.  You can check it out on our website, in the Press section, and keep your eyes peeled for a great shot of our piano being played!

Sing for Hope Pianos - Lincoln Center

I hope you have enjoyed the first 100 posts, and cheers to a fantastic second 100!  Thanks for coming on the ride with me.

Ciao, Allison

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3 Responses to Sing for Hope Piano on Location

  1. Laurence W says:

    Your piano is really beautiful and the pink color is great !

  2. Ann Martin says:

    Your top pic should be an advertisement – what a great example of how to use Color Splash! Love the one of the woman photographing your piano too. Congratulations on your success with this project – well-deserved and worth all of the time and effort you and Elizabeth put into it.

  3. surbhigoyal says:

    This article is absolutely great. If you have a moment, listen to some songs, tell me what you think, how I can improve. Thanks for stopping by! Gospel Pianos .

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