Cacti and Succulents and Planters, Oh My!

Hello Faithful Readers!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have been very busy!  I actually do have a new project to show you all, but I have been hopelessly sick this past weekend with a terrible cold (my third in the past 5 weeks, working in a school is just horrible for the immune system!) and so I wasn’t able to get any nice photos taken.  But I can give you a hint, it has to do with one of my current favorite things, succulents!  I absolutely love succulents, and not only because they are the only plant I seem to be able to grow in my low-light NYC apartment.  So, as a thematic teaser about my newest project I wanted to share another beautifully designed project with all of you, something called Plant Pods.

Plant Pods 01

This is a neat project that I found through Kickstarter where the designer is trying to raise enough money to mass produce these beautiful plant pods so he can offer them at a more affordable price.  Personally I chose to back the project because I think they are gorgeous, but also completely out of my ability to fabricate.  When I see something beautifully designed I can usually assess pretty quickly if its something I could replicate or not, and this is definitely not something I could replicate.  So I decided to back the project on Kickstarter and if it is funded I’ll get three plant pods of my very own!

Plant Pods 02

If you are interested in learning more, check the project out on Kickstarter because you only have a few more days to back the project!

Plant Pods 03

Full disclosure – Yes, I am a backer of this project.  Yes, he is currently trying to raise the rest of the money so this project can be successfully funded.  Yes, I am hoping that at least one person who reads my blog might become a new backer.  But, there is absolutely no pressure from me for you to back this project on Kickstarter, I also wanted to share it because I just think these are really beautifully designed pieces and as my schedule gets busier and busier I am hoping that I can start to share some other designers work who’s pieces I think are really beautiful and that my readers may enjoy.  So, hopefully no one is too upset at this deviation from my standard post.  I promise we’ll be back to our somewhat sporadically scheduled programing as soon as I’m feeling better and can take some photos of my new project.

Happy Saturday Night all!  Allison

(All photos are from the Plant Pods Kickstarter website and are NOT my own photography.)

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