Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been a couple of months since I last posted, so I thought I’d just share with everyone why I’ve been absent.  Other than turning (gulp) 30 last month, I’ve also been doing a ton of work on Zipper 8 Lighting over the last month with my wonderful business partner Elizabeth.  We are in the process of making our first big push to consciously grow the business, which includes taking brand new photos of a lot of our products and putting together some new marketing material.  And let me tell you, it may not be the same type of small craft project that I usually post, but it does involve a lot of trial and error and I have learned a ton!  So I thought you all might enjoy a few photos of what we’ve been up to.  First, we went into a professional photography studio to take some big group photographs that we’ve been dreaming of, but which are totally unobtainable in our normal studio space, otherwise known as my living room.  We bought a 9 ft long roll of set paper, and learned all about the standard equipment that a photo studio has, including these super cool poles that are tension clamped between the floor and ceiling to hold cross beams for hanging our set paper, or our lights!  Here’s a photo that I Instagramed while we were in the studio, showing the set up when we were photographing our coffee filter lights, a project you all might remember from the early days of my blog.

Zipper8Lighting Photo Shoot

We had a great time, learned a lot, and captured some amazing photos.  Personally my favorite is the one we took featuring our full collection of Artichoke Lights.  I am giving full credit for the amazing photo shoot styling to Elizabeth who concocted the fun idea when checking out the Spring 2014 windows of Bergdorf Goodman’s here in NYC.

Zipper8Lighting_ArtichokeLightsNow armed with our giant roll of set paper we are thinking through whether we would like to purchase our own photo studio equipment, or at least a set of those amazing floor to ceiling poles!  For now I have the set paper taped to the top of my bookshelf, and life in my apartment is a bit crowded right now, though Basel has been very flexible when he finds his bed and toys relocated every few days.

Thanks for your patience with my busy schedule, and I can promise you that I am currently working on an awesome Pinterest project that is the perfect blend of recycled/repurposed materials and home decor.  Hopefully I can take some photos this weekend if the sun peeks out from behind these persistent clouds, and will have something to post in the next week or two!  For now I hope that Spring has arrived wherever you are, because it is certainly making very VERY slow progress here in NYC.  

Ciao, Allison

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