Soda Bottle Jewelry Organizer

Happy Summer Greetings Everyone!

I don’t know where all of you live, but I’m here in sticky muggy New York City and while the evenings are lovely for walks by the river the middle of the day is much more suited for crafting inside with the AC!  And the perfect time to finally finish that project I mentioned a few posts back, these awesome jewelry organizers made from soda bottles!the3Rsblog_SodaBottleJewelryOrganizer_1



The original Pinterest post I spotted was made out of green soda bottles and was much taller, but I wasn’t able to get any threaded rod cut down and didn’t really want to make a 3 foot tall organizer.  So instead I bought 6 inch long bolts, 1/4 inch in diameter with matching nuts and washers.  The project is pretty simple, you just drill a hole in the bottom of a soda bottle and then make sure to put a nut and washer on either side of each soda bottle to keep it in place.  I used a large bottle for the bottom piece to stabilize the whole unit, and then smaller bottles for the upper levels so you can read in more easily.  I left taller sides on my bottles than in the original inspiration image, though I might go back and trim some of the upper levels down a bit, I’m not sure.  the3Rsblog_SodaBottleJewelryOrganizer_3

The part that I didn’t realize would be so hard was drilling the holes in the bottom of the bottles.  Who knew the plastic was so strong!  But then a friend made a good suggestion, use a screw to drill the first hole, because the tip is pointier than a drill bit, so you are trying to drill through less plastic at first.  I ended up making a pilot hole with a skinny screw, then enlarged it with a larger screw, and finally used two different drill bits to enlarge each hole to the 1/4 inch that I needed to fit on my bolts.  I originally tried using a hot glue gun to soften the plastic but I found then the drill bit just pushed the plastic into a long cylinder and that was really hard to cut off.  So then I changed to the other method and that worked much better.  the3Rsblog_SodaBottleJewelryOrganizer_2

I am so excited because I have a ton of little stud earrings (especially multi-colored lego studs that I wear to school all the time) and this is a great way to organize them, along with all the rings I have.  You can even hang longer earrings off of the outer edge of an upper level and keep matching earring and necklace/bracelet sets organized.

I hope you love this new project, it has been lots of fun, plus its really cheap and relatively easy to make!  And it is really helping to organize my jewelry.  (And is a wonderful example of the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate!)

Ciao, Allison

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3 Responses to Soda Bottle Jewelry Organizer

  1. Excellent idea for recycling and those bottles and very practical. LOVE IT.

  2. beejay45 says:

    When I look at that, I see an excellent way to offer bits of this and that for adding to tacos, or salads, like chopped tomatoes, celery or carrot, shredded or sticks, slice green onions, sour cream (assuming the metal rod is food safe could use plastic, if not), bacon crumbles…what can I say? I’m a food oriented kinda girl. 😉

    Great work, as usual.

  3. Rustic Shack says:

    Wonderful idea, I will have to try this!

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