Dinosaur Candle Holder

It’s another Monday filled with Dinosaurs!


After making my ring holder I was left with leftover dinosaurs and decided to make another cute Pinterest project I’d seen, plastic animal birthday candle holders!  In this case I used my dinosaurs and I painted them gold, but you can use any plastic animals you like and paint them any color you want.  I think for a kid’s birthday multi-colors would be really fun.

I didn’t photograph the steps for this tutorial, but it is really very simple.

Materials: Plastic animals, paint, candle holders, drill with small drillbit

Step 1: Select your animals.  Preferably you want an animal with a larger midsection that you can drill a hole into for your candle holder.  As you’ll see, with one dinosaur who had a large comb piece on his back, I put the candle holder in his tail.  But it is something to think about when selecting your animals.

Dinosaur Candle Holder Tutorial by the 3 R's blog

Step 2: Drill your holes.  I was using small plastic candle holders that we had at work (I’m going to now bring in my dinosaurs for us to use instead, since I work in the Science Department at a school I’m sure they’ll be a big hit!)  I’m sure you can find these candle holders somewhere, perhaps online, I didn’t have any luck at my local supermarkets.  But once you have your candle holders, use the spike they have on them, for inserting into the birthday confection, to decide what drill bit to use.  Mine were very small so I used the 5/64 drill bit.  Holding your animal firm on a surface that won’t get gouged by your drill, drill down carefully into a fat meaty part of your animal.  I basically eyeballed how far to drill down, just make sure not to drill all the way through.

Step 3: Insert your candle holders.  I didn’t use any glue because my candle holders were very snug in the holes I drilled, but you could also put a drop of super glue into the hole before inserting the candle holder spike.  Make sure that the spike can go almost all the way down into the animal, for better stability.

Dinosaur Candle Holder Tutorial by the 3 R's blog

Step 4: Paint.  I used gold acrylic paint I had lying around from another project and just brushed it on.  Don’t worry if the paint doesn’t stick that well with your first coat, the second coat will cover very nicely.  Depending on the color of the animal and the color of your paint you may need more than two coats.  I found my green dinosaurs especially hard to cover fully with the gold.  You can also opt to spray paint, but I found that didn’t work all that well with my ring holder so I was trying a different technique and was very happy with how it worked.

Step 5: Enjoy!  Sorry I don’t have any baked goods to model these on, I’ll try to remember to snap a photo when we have something fun at school for someone’s birthday.

I’ll be taking a brief break next week for Labor Day weekend, so stay tuned for my next tutorial in two weeks, and have a lovely holiday weekend if you are in the USA.  And good luck heading back to school for all the students and teachers out there!

Ciao, Allison

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2 Responses to Dinosaur Candle Holder

  1. Judy says:

    Do you sell your candlesticks? I need for a dinasaur themed wedding gift!

    • No I don’t, I’m sorry! I actually couldn’t even find the candle holders to purchase, I had to pilfer some from work. (I donated my dinosaurs as replacements.) But have you tried looking on Etsy? I bet you could find someone selling them there.
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

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