What I’ve Been Up To


I know it has been a crazy long time since I’ve posted.  Over a year I think, and I’m very sorry for that.  But, I finally have some new craft projects to show you all!  I promise I’ll have at least a couple new posts over the next few weeks, but first I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to that has kept me too busy to post new projects here.

As many of you know I have my own lighting business, and while we started by just selling pendant lights (many of which were first born here), my partner and I eventually expanded to special event lighting.  Specifically, paper flowers which are illuminated and could function as centerpieces and decor instead of traditional cut flowers.  Two summers ago we decided that in order to capture our new vision, we wanted to completely rebrand of our business.  So, Zipper 8 Lighting became Aster + Quail.

Aster + Quail Studio Ltd.

I’ll add a P.S. to the end of this post with the story behind our new name, but for now I wanted to show you some of what we’ve been working on because I am just so proud of how it all looks!  If you are curious to see more you can check them out on our website.  But for now, I hope you enjoy!  And come back tomorrow for a new craft post, involving a bit of a mess, some green leaves and a lot of fun.

Aster+Quail Magnolia CenterpieceAster+Quail Magnolia Centerpiece BlushAster+Quail Magnolia Wall FlowerAster+Quail Magnolia CenterpieceAster+Quail Wall Flowers Athena CollectionAster+Quail Rose Tinted Magnolia Centerpiece

Ciao, Allison


P.S. Here’s the story behind our new name, Aster + Quail:

Asteria was the Titan goddess of shooting stars, sister of Leto, and mother of Hekate. After the fall of the Titans, Asteria was pursued by Zeus through the starry heavens. To escape his advances, Asteria turned herself into a quail and flew into the Aegean Sea where she became the Greek island of Delos. Asteria’s story of transformation and illumination is what we are all about! From a lonely old map at the back of the bookshelf, to an illuminated paper flower extravaganza – this is what we are most passionate about.

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  1. Vladi says:

    Beautiful idea for my wedding table

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