the3Rsblog Main Project Log

This is an ongoing log of the projects that I have completed and featured on my blog. Click on the title of each project to be taken to the original blog post.

Framed Button and Pin Collection

Paper Starburst Pendant Light

Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard

String Light

Large Faceted Sphere

Small Faceted Sphere

Colorful Drinking Straw Drum Shade

Mod Laser Cut Shape Drum Shade

Soda Can Tab Small Pendant Light 

Large Faceted Drum Shade

Soda Can Tab Large Drum Shade

Book Pages Pencil Cups

Soda Can Tab Small Diagonal Pendant Light

Erasable Paint Chip Calendar

White Paper Flower Pendant Light

Ruffled Black and White Drum Shade

Small Faceted Road Map Sphere

Celebratory Piñata the3Rsblog Pinata

Sequin Ornamentsthe3Rsblog Sequin Ornament

Soda Can Tab Ornamentthe3Rsblog Soda Tab Ornament

Recycled Cork Board
the3Rsblog Cork Board

Sing for Hope Piano Project
the3Rsblog SFH Piano

Recycled Desk Unitthe3Rsblog Recycled Desk Unit

Hanging Mason Jar Planter
the3Rsblog Hanging Mason Jar Planter

Woven Bead Planterthe3Rsblog Woven Bead Planter

Soda Bottle Jewelry Organizerthe3Rsblog Soda Bottle Jewelry Organizer

Cityscape Drawingthe3Rsblog Cityscape Drawing

Woven Bead Planter Updatethe3Rsblog_WovenBeadPlanterFollowUpMason Jar Sewing Kitthe3Rsblog_MasonJarSewingKitAltoids Tin Organizersthe3Rsblog_AltoidsTinOrganizersPaper Covered ClipboardsPaper Covered Clipboards by the3RsblogHand Cut Rubber Stampthe3Rsblog_HandcutRubberStampScarf OrganizerScarf Organizer Tutorial by the3RsblogNew Project


7 Responses to the3Rsblog Main Project Log

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  2. Your creativity is so fun and inspired. I’m glad I found your blog.

  3. dan says:

    your blog and your etsy site are so inspirational x

  4. Annie says:

    verrrrrrrrry happy this blog exists in general! Go eco-friendly-ness!

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  6. galon says:

    Auriez-vous l’amabilité de me communiquer le tarif du modèle suspension papier :
    Paper Starbust Pendant light

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