Easter Eggs

Happy Crafty Monday!

Easter Egg Decorations from the3Rsblog

Last year I was visiting family in Vienna right before Easter, and I loved all the decorations. Every shop and restaurant was decorated with branches strung with hanging Easter eggs. It was positively captivating! And I knew I just had to try and recreate the effect at home. And thus began my experimenting with different egg decorating techniques, some of which I thought I’d share with you today.

Sharpie decorated easter egg - by the3Rsblog

For all of these designs I used real egg shells, carefully blown and washed.  Honestly one of the hardest parts was getting the thread from one side to the other, and in the future I might take some inspiration from the beautiful eggs I saw in Vienna and use a pretty grosgrain ribbon instead.  The first set I made were decorated with sharpie, in a variety of patterns and simple drawings. So far I stuck with just white shells, but it might be pretty to incorporate some brown ones too. These eggs are simple to recreate and no fancy supplies necessary, just a clean shell and your favorite sharpie!  I love the crisp black and white, but it could look really pretty with some brightly colored grosgrain ribbon too. I am envisioning a whole tree with black and white eggs and a rainbow of different ribbons. Though a simple color palette of pinks and greens could be elegant too.

Sharpie decorated easter eggs - by the3Rsblog

The second design I played around started with a design that would pair well with my sharpie decorated eggs. Shells stamped with alphabet letters! I have a bunch of different sets of letter stamps, mostly purchased from the $1 bin at Michael’s, and so I played around with a few different letter types, plus color combinations.

Hand Stamped Easter Eggs - by the3Rsblog

I love the idea of the white on the brown shell, but the white ink I had was a thicker paint-like ink, and it retained a bit of it’s sticky quality which I didn’t like.

Hand Stamped Easter Eggs - by the3Rsblog

The black ink I had was from a more traditional harder ink pad, so the ink didn’t have that thick paint-like quality and I like how it looks on the egg shell better. It was certainly fun to play around with the different colors and fonts. Each time I try a new version I like it better than the last. The one problem with the thinner ink was that it was a bit slippery, and every now and then as I tried to stamp the letter my hand would slip slightly and smudge the ink. You can see a couple of smudgy places on these eggs but it doesn’t really ruin the look so it’s not the end of the world.

Hand Stamped Easter Eggs - by the3Rsblog

The third design reminds me a bit of one of those snowball deserts with the coconut. I had a bunch of confetti created from scraps of coffee filters both dyed and plain white and I thought it might look fun glued on an egg. I smeared hot glue on the egg shell in small areas at a time, and then just dipped and rolled it in the confetti. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I kind of love it. It’s very ‘snowball coconut dessert’, if you ask me.

Confetti Easter Eggs - by the3Rsblog

I then decided to try decoupaging the confetti with mod podge, and again it wasn’t really what I was envisioning but it’s kind of cool. I think next time I might try a much paler pink, the colors all got much more saturated as they bled, and I was envisioning a paler color palette to better match the beautiful quince branches I used as my Easter tree.


I hope you enjoy these different decorating options, and if you try any of them for yourself I’d love to see the results!

Ciao, Allison


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4 Responses to Easter Eggs

  1. Rebekah says:

    These are all really cute ideas for Easter eggs! What do you think about using the reusable eggs you can purchase at Target or on Amazon? I’m not sure what material they are made out of, but I love that they will last more than just a few days.

    • Hmm, well it would depend on the surface of the reusable eggs. I did see one blogger who spray painted plastic eggs a matte white. I’ve never tried that myself. I personally just use eggs that I’ve blown out, so I can keep them from year to year. But if you try any reusable eggs and they work, let us all know!

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