About Me

Hi, and welcome to my world.

I am 28, and live in New York City with my dachshund, Basel.  A few years ago I graduated from architecture school with a Masters degree, and no job.  While taking some time off, I put all of my energy into starting up my own little design firm, Zipper8Design which then expanded to lighting design.  I sell my products on Etsy, (http://zipper8design.etsy.com and http://zipper8lighting.etsy.com) and have been loving every minute of it.

In starting my business, I’ve learned a lot about product design, along with my own personal design aesthetic.  And if I have learned one main thing, its how important the principles of recycling have become to me, and that I love using unconventional household materials to create new and amazing design pieces.  So from this realization was born my blog, “the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate.”  And from this blog concept came the 30x30x3 project, my own personal mission to create and blog about 30 projects in 30 weeks, based on the 3 R’s.

Some will be my own original ideas, and some will be projects I’ve spotted elsewhere on the net.  I’ll try to make as many projects as I can into tutorials, but some just won’t be worth it, and some will be based on better tutorials elsewhere.

But most importantly, what goes around comes around, so if I’ve followed your tutorial, or been influenced by your project, I’ll link back to you.  All I ask, is that if you are interested in showing one of my projects, you kindly do the same.  If you would like to reach me for any reason, you can send an email to the3rsblog@gmail.com or simply leave a comment!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have seen something you liked, and might come back again soon.



14 Responses to About Me

  1. Carol Brown says:

    Hey there Allison! I’m a huge fan and adore your work….I’m looking it up constantly and always excited to see what you come up with next….but today I come bearing a question. I’ve researched most of your sights and was trying to find what process you go through to get the final out come of your bottle cap coasters. I’ve read about your other projects but you don’s have anything posted about the coasters themselves. I’ve been assigned this exact project in my Graphic Design class here at Sam Houston State so I am looking into how to possibly come up with this. My mind went straight to you and your hand made crafts. I’m much more comfortable on the computer and am not so crafty so I was hoping you had some tips that you could share about the process you go through with the epoxy and how you get them into that nice little square/round shape…thanks in advance for your time and possibly your help! Your an awesome artist and I wish you the best in your future projects!! 🙂

    Always, Carol

  2. elizabeth says:

    I really like your site.. what a creative mind and hands you have! I admire your work.
    And I put your blog at my favorites..
    I think you will like some of the posts on my blog.
    for example ‘kadolintjes’

    have a nice day.


  3. Hey Allison, just wanted to say congrats on following your passion and turning it into something so special! I’m working on building my business too and I just think its great that you’re not afraid to experiment 🙂 Keep it up! Best from California, Melissa

  4. Veronica Palmer says:

    I’m your newest fan all the way from the land Down Under!! Love your work – you’re a very talented young lady and extremely inspiring!

  5. Oh wow… totally impressed with your projects! I’m always popping new lighting ideas in my head all the time… just not enough time in the day to make them all. I suppose I can just drool over your stuff in the mean time. haha 🙂

  6. JM Boyd says:

    I absolutely love your ideas and since my wife and I are on a serious budget after buying a new home and being out of work I have taken to creating my own lighting and decor in the house. Part therapy part creative outlet, with the added benefit of cost savings. Thanks for the inspiration. My three girls love their new room in part thanks to you.

  7. Eva says:

    Thank you Alison! You rock!

  8. Kathy Grimes-Lamb says:

    Hi Alison,

    I’m a teacher in a Brooklyn private school, and I will be doing a 3 day project in June with middle school students. While I’m a math teacher, this is a project I get to explore outside my subject area. . . and that would be, for me, RECYCLING, REUSING, and REPURPOSING for art’s sake. One of the things (to use 3 days) I’d like to do is to take them to an artist’s studio, who does this type of art, to see it in progress and to chat with you about how you think about this and DO IT! There’s only about 9 kids. This is also my own personal passion, and we will be brainstorming projects for ourselves. I was wondering if that would be something you would be interested in dong? It wouldn’t be for money, and we’d stay only a short time. . . but I just wanted them to see someone like you in action. If this is AT ALL interesting to you, please get back to me via my email: kathygrimeslamb@gmail.com

    Thanks for considering!

  9. Susan Castaneda says:

    To begin with I was totally in awe of your lamp designs and then I started reading your blog and I am so impressed with you as an individual. Your generosity in teaching others how to recreate these magical art forms, your attention to giving credit where credit is due, your kindness to your fellow human (not calling fortune tellers cootie catchers) ; all of these things point to a fine, well-rounded member of the human race. You are an inspiration and I am happy you are out there making a difference. Best of luck with your career and much happiness.

  10. sean says:

    hello allison i stumbled across your handmade art about a week ago on pinterest, im I’ve live melbourne australia and am only 13 but i want to try out your fortune teller lamo do you have any tips or hints that will help me? cheers sean

  11. Madelyn says:

    Way to go Allison! I’m so impressed with your beautiful paper flower centerpieces, and your overwhelming creativity.

  12. Krystie says:

    Hi Allison!! I absolutely love your music flowers center pieces!!! My fiancé and I are on a super tight budget and we were hoping you could share how you made them… I’m pretty good with arts and crafts but some guidance would be amazing!!!


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