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Project 28 Week 29 – Cork Candlesticks

A couple of months ago I found these awesome simple little candlesticks at Ikea.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to use them for, but I knew there were a million different projects that I could do!  Right … Continue reading

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Project 27 Week 29 – White Straw Chandelier

So this latest project is a bit of a revisit of sorts from past projects, because I used the same white drinking straws as Project 5, and the same Ikea shade as Project 23.  Together they make a pretty sweet … Continue reading

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Deja Vu?

So here I am again, to talk about Etsy again, because I made it to the front page, AGAIN!!  This time it was my Spiky Paper Pendant Light that you all know and love from this very blog, in a … Continue reading

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Etsy Front Page!

I’ve been doing my best to not bore everyone with endless talk of my Etsy shop.  That’s not what this blog is about, its about making awesome things!  But I am just so excited about this, that I have to … Continue reading

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Project 26 Week 28 – Fabric Covered Necklace Stands

My latest 30x30x3 project was directly inspired by my new rescued cabinet, with the idea that I might make the top shelf into some sort of jewelry display and storage.  I’m still debating whether or not I’ll actually use them … Continue reading

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Project 25 Week 28 – Altoids Tins Message Board

I’ve been continuing my exploration into Altoids Tins, and this is actually the project that first caught my eye many months ago, an adorable magnetic message board featured on Design*Sponge.  I made a few small changes from the tutorial, which … Continue reading


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Flower Blossoms, a Picnic and Paint Chips

This past week has been crazy for a bunch of reasons, including the ridiculous weather we’ve been having in NYC!  Today is cold and rainy, and its been a both warm and cold over the last week.  Specifically last Monday … Continue reading

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Project 24 Week 27 – Altoids Tins Desk Accessories

Happy Sunday morning everyone! Last summer I spotted some fun projects on Design*Sponge, made from recycled Altoids Tins.  I don’t exactly eat huge numbers of Altoids on a regular basis, so instead I rushed right out to purchase a few … Continue reading

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Project 23 Week 26 – Pink Flower Drum Shade

So I had some lighting issues getting this shade photographed, though this time it wasn’t the sun providing problems it was the actual lamp.  The first lamp I had wouldn’t turn on, and then it took me two more tries … Continue reading

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Cabinet Process

Just a few quick update pics of my cabinet.  Its slightly slow going, and it looked a bit worse before it got better… but its finally getting there!  Next step, another coat on the outside.  Then I have to move … Continue reading

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