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Soda Can Tab Large Drum Shade

Sunday greetings everyone, things have been a bit crazy around NYC recently, due to the freak snowstorm yesterday!  We may have crazy weather, but we’ve never had snow in October, and enough that it actually started sticking to things!  I’ll … Continue reading


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Project 1 Update – A New Light

Today is a very rainy day here in NYC, so I figured a fun new light post was in order to bring in a little sun! I was perusing Pinterest the other day when I spotted a light that someone … Continue reading

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Project 10 Week 16 – Multi Colored Drinking Straw Sconce

I’m always one to give credit where credit is due, so right away I’m saying that this week’s awesome project came 100% from from Mark Montano’s fabulous book “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts”.  (Or you can find this specific project … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – Florescent Bulbs

Happy Tuesday all, I’m here with the first ever Tip Tuesday post.  When I have a chance, and new tips to share, I’ll be posting a series of helpful tips in a Tip Tuesday series.  So here it goes with … Continue reading

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