Project 6 Week 6 – Brown Bag Gift Cards

This week I have been super busy getting ready for some holiday sales I’m participating in, so I decided to keep it very simple, and make some gift cards.  The project may have been simple, but I’ve been wanting to figure out a good use for all the brown paper bags that collect in my life, and this may be the perfect use for them!

The first set of cards I made were based on this fun and simple design I spotted on Patricia Zapata’s blog, A Little Hut.  It’s a great little design, so simple and fun!  I made two versions, one with only brown bag and then one with a little splash of red.  The main part of the tags are a piece of blank index card, so the back is pure white and perfect for writing who your special gift is from.

The second set is even simpler, but I really like the graphic bold feeling.  Basically I just laminated the piece of index card straight to a full piece of brown bag, then I decorated the brown side with a shape punched out of plain white printer paper scraps.  My original goal had been to punch the shape out of the brown paper, and let the white shine through from the bag.  But my holly leaf punch had the berries below, which I didn’t want to get punched out, and the jingle bell has some insert pieces I’d have to glue back into place.  So it seemed much simpler to just punch out the new shape from the white paper.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s project.  It may have been small, but it is a great way to use up all those brown paper grocery bags that always seem to stack up, at least at my house!

Ciao, Allison

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