Project 10 Week 16 – Multi Colored Drinking Straw Sconce

I’m always one to give credit where credit is due, so right away I’m saying that this week’s awesome project came 100% from from Mark Montano’s fabulous book “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts”.  (Or you can find this specific project on his blog.)

So what is it you ask?  Its a kick-ass wall sconce made from multi-colored drinking straws!  You can find more specific instructions on Mark’s blog or in his book, but basically you take a metal deep fryer basket (sort of like a sieve but with extra big holes) and then you fold each straw in half, and poke the two ends into two adjoining holes.  Basically you just keep going on and on and on until you have the most awesome light ever!

As you can see, this light makes a statement when either on or off!  I had originally wanted to simply attach two of these sconces together to make a full spherical pendant, but as you can see below, the shape is a bit flat in the front due to the shape of the fryer basket formwork.  So that’s why I went a different route when I did my my white straw pendant for Project 5.

I hope you love this light as much as I do, stay tuned for some more new projects to come!

Interested in purchasing this light? They check it out in my brand new Etsy spin-off shop, Zipper8Lighting.

Ciao, Allison

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15 Responses to Project 10 Week 16 – Multi Colored Drinking Straw Sconce

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  2. babar says:

    hello this is babar ,, im the head of community services society in my school ,, m arranging a recycling week in my school ,, cn u plz give me few ideas , that how can we reuse cateen stuff ,,, and yes ur ideas r awsssssssssssssmmmm

    • Hi!
      That’s a great idea. Can you give me an idea about what sort of materials you hope to collect? What items you’ll be recycling? Maybe then I can come up with a few ideas. You can also try google searching for projects using the same supplies you have. There’s a lot of great stuff out there! Let me know how I can help.
      Thanks! Allison

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  5. Mehru fatima says:

    Hey! I am mehru fatima from Pakistan.I just love your work.You make it all so easy for us.I’ll surely try all these.Thanks! Allah

  6. these are good ideas but stolen from another blogs. I don’t like this kind of blog without good explanation how is the work done. Mark Montano is awesome, by the way.

    • allisonpatrick says:

      I’m very sorry you don’t like my blog, but I certainly was in no way trying to steal from Mark Montano, I think he is awesome too. I simply wanted to share this fun project that I had completed from his book, which I had recently bought and was loving. It is also a project he had posted on his blog, so it was already out in the internet world for people to see, and all of the photos I posted were my own. Maybe I didn’t explain as clearly as I could the steps to follow, but I linked back to his blog so that people could follow the steps straight from the source as I had, I just figured Mark could write a better tutorial than I could. Again I’m very sorry if you don’t like my blog but I certainly am not trying in any way to steal other people’s ideas and I always link back to where I found inspiration. I’m just trying to share a bit more crafty fun with the world, not trying to step on anyone’s toes.

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  8. What kind of basket do you use make the light,?

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