Project 12 Week 17 – Paint Chip Business Card Holder

Question, who out there loves paint chips?

I do, I do!  (Jumping up and down in my seat, waving my hand in the air.)

They are only the awesomest thing out there in the world (and yes, ‘awesomest’ is totally a word.)  Not only are they highly functional, but they are pretty and come in lots of great colors!  If you couldn’t have guessed, I only have about 100 of them lying around my house, and finally decided to try and make something out of them.

The first project I started with was making a super cool business card holder out of Behr paint chips (from the Home Depot.)  I started with the tutorial I found here.  Now this was a good tutorial, the one problem is that it was really designed to make holders for the Moo mini cards.  The skinnier card size allows for a larger overlap when folding the holder.  As you can see with my holder that I made from this template, I needed to use a piece of tape to secure the overlapping edge since it was so thin the glue wouldn’t hold.

So, I decided to take what I had learned and design my own version.  By switching the orientation from vertical to landscape, I was able to wrap the full width of a standard business card using two separate pieces of paint chip, allowing for a larger overlap.  I chose to make this test version with two separate colors, but obviously you could use two sheets of the same colors.  The biggest problem I had was trying to line up the white stripes, next time I’ll probably just forgo that and make a statement by specifically not lining up the white lines.  There are probably other changes I’d make, to come up with the perfect design, but that’s for a different day.

I also had a bigger problem this time with the paint rubbing off the bended edges, but I think that was the scoring tool I used.  As I said, just another detail to be worked out in the future.

Enjoy!  And come back soon for some more great paint chip projects, Allison

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