Faceted Pendant Lights – The Small Sphere

So I was trying to write another post about a different project, when I realized that my photos were a bit lacking…  (I really MUST do something about the limited light in my apartment!)  Anyway, I’m going to try and snap some new pics, but until I do I thought I’d post another version of my fortune teller lights, this one a much smaller sphere.the3Rs Fortune Teller Sphere Pendant Small 06

Overall this light measures approximately 12 inches, but what really makes it unique is the construction method.  I had discovered that if you put 4 fortune tellers into a square, you can then drop in a 5th one, on top of the middle pieces, and it sort of locks the whole thing together.  Basically you can keep building this up, for a really nice and clean look, where you don’t have any gaps in between pieces because you have essentially built up a double thick layer of the fortune tellers.

I love how this looks, but I discovered there was one problem with doing this on a sphere. Because of the technique, you need the same number of fortune tellers in each row as you go around, but as the sphere gets smaller and smaller at the top and bottom you are going to have some problems because the same large number of fortune tellers that wrapped around the middle aren’t going to all fit around the top.  I ended up starting to turn the fortune tellers in funny directions, and sort of figuring out a different pattern for the very top and bottom, but overall I decided this technique was way too difficult to use on a sphere, so I think this gorgeous light will probably be one of a kind.the3Rsblog Fortune Teller Sphere Pendant 03

I do love the smaller size though, so I might try the simpler technique I used for the large size, but just use a smaller lantern this time.  Of course at the moment my fingers are going numb from folding so many fortune tellers so that project just might have to wait a little while!  

I think the sun is finally coming into my apartment, so I’m off to photograph some new projects while I can.  I should be back soon with some new projects, and maybe some other posts too.  

For now, enjoy!!  Ciao, Allison

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12 Responses to Faceted Pendant Lights – The Small Sphere

  1. Jana says:

    It looks beautiful, great job Allison!

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  3. Danielle says:

    I’m a little confused on how you made this. Fortune tellers? Is there anyway you can a step by step demonstration to show how you achieved this?
    I’m in love with what you did!
    I can’t wait to try to make one myself if you can show me how you did it.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Well this was a special one time creation so I’m not planning on making another one where I could document the steps, but have you looked at my other Faceted Pendant Light posts? Maybe they have some additional information that might help you out? Otherwise I’m just a bit unsure about what your questions are, are you confused about what the fortune tellers are or how I fit them too the light? You might first check out this post: https://the3rsblog.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/faceted-pendant-lights-the-large-sphere/ which was my first fortune teller light post, and hopefully has slightly clearer steps that will help you figure out how to start.

      If you are still confused after reading that post, let me know and hopefully I can answer your questions.

      Thanks, Allison

  4. Danielle says:


  5. ottilie says:

    This is so perfect!!! I just posted my result on my blog http://ottiliewagner.blogspot.com/. I need more practise. I really like this idea, it was great fun to make it. Yesterday a neighbour asked me, about my new cool lampshade :). She saw it from the street.
    Greetings Ottilie

  6. ceekayellemm says:

    This Q comes vary late, and I’m not even sure you are still keeping this blog up…. I never read where you say what size paper square you start with when making your “fortune tellers” to glue to the paper (or drum) lampshades? Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi,
      I’ve used a few different paper sizes, but the one that I’ve finally settled on is 4.25 inches square. It is the largest square that you can cut out of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and still get 4 squares out of each sheet (being half of 8.5 inches.)
      I hope this helps! Allison

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