Apple + Etsy + Zipper 8 Lighting!

I have some very exciting news which may not be directly blog related but is still awesome!  This Saturday, January 7th, I will be part of a panel discussion at the Soho Apple Store here in New York City, discussing Etsy and the struggles of running an online business.  I couldn’t be more excited, especially since I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple products, and I am just so honored to have been chosen by both Etsy and Apple as one of four panelists, from the 800,000 sellers (ok granted I don’t know how many are local NYC artists, but I’m sure that’s still a big number!)  So, if any of you happen to live in or around NYC and want to come meet me in person, here is the info!

Etsy, Local Artists, and Technology

Etsy is an e-commerce website that features handmade and vintage arts and crafts.  Join representatives from Etsy as they showcase local Etsy artists EarthSeaWarrior, 1AEON, Oktak, and Zipper8Lighting. Learn how they use technology in their work and how they have grown their businesses online. Explore the creative process with the artists and hear about their struggles and achievements. A Q&A session will follow the discussion.

January 7, 2:00 p.m., Apple Store, Soho (72 Greene St.)

Happy New Year Everyone!  Allison

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