Folding, folding, folding…

Early Turkey Day Greetings All!

I wanted to post a few photos to show everyone my newest lighting creation.

As usual, this project started with a different concept in mind, and blossomed unexpectedly into something completely different and yet, totally awesome.

I have debated long and hard, but decided not to post instructions for how I made it.  Now that I am beginning to realize that my lighting business could actually be a real business, and having been a bit burned with what seem like copycats on Etsy, I’ve decided that sometimes I’m going to make projects that I want to share with all of you, without necessarily giving away all my secrets.  I hope everyone understands why I’ve come to this decision, because I do believe in sharing the wealth and making tutorials and teaching you how I created my lights so you can make your own, but I guess I just feel the need to draw the line somewhere.

However, I will share more details on something else I’ve been working on, which is taking newer staged photos of some of my lights.  I will always want photos of my lights completely on their own, against a white or gray background, to show them in the simplest and clearest fashion.  But, I am also making an effort to show them in context a bit more, to give a bigger picture to my products.  So, on a recent trip to Ikea for a new bookshelf, I spotted some interesting new props for my photographs.  My favorite ones so far are the set of white glass vases featured in these photographs, but I also bought a set of simple glass cylinder vases for flower arrangements, or bunches of branches and berries.  In fact my mom has this gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas in her front hall right now that she has promised to me after Thanksgiving for my photos.  I think they will look so beautiful not only with my white lights, but also with my Artichoke Book Page lights, with the subtle pinks and greens in the flowers, and the browns and tans of the books.  Can you tell my mind is already whirling?

For now I’ve only done one photo shoot with this newest light, and the actual lighting in my apartment is beginning to wane now that it is winter so I may be a bit limited going forward, but I’m always hopeful and worse comes to worse I’ll set up shop at someone else’s apartment who has more light!  So I hope everyone in America has a lovely Thanksgiving, and for any international readers, have a lovely rest of your week!

Ciao, Allison

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11 Responses to Folding, folding, folding…

  1. Laurence says:

    I love this light too. It’s wonderful !

  2. What an amazing light! It reminds me of a pine cone. I understand completely about not sharing all your secrets.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. meerar says:

    It looks fantastic and i also think the way you have photographed it, brings it out in all its glory. you should not be worried about not putting the instructions up. this is your work and business and not a hobby. good luck

  4. Virginia says:

    Good for you! Keep folding and selling. You make us happy with the pictures and if someone has that burning need to duplicate and sell? Make them work for it by trial and error. 😉 Thanks for the pretty pics!

  5. alexis says:

    awesome.. totally love it.. I was a bit awww about no instructions, but that’s cool.. There a millions of ideas I am yet to try… this can be one of those. especially since we have no hanging lights! keep up the good work! it makes me happy..

  6. alexis says:

    oh man.. I totally just donated a tall free standing lamp that was really ugly!! I should have made a new shade for it and re painted it..

  7. carlymau says:

    wow that is beautiful. You could totally start a business with your designs! Good luck!

  8. Olivier G. says:

    This is just awesome, how did you do that?

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