Project 27 Week 29 – White Straw Chandelier

So this latest project is a bit of a revisit of sorts from past projects, because I used the same white drinking straws as Project 5, and the same Ikea shade as Project 23.  Together they make a pretty sweet hanging chandelier, don’t you think?!!

The beauty of this simple Ikea Lobbo shade, is that it comes as a big flat piece of plastic and then you notch the ends together to make a circle.  This means that I could work on it flat, which made it a WHOLE LOT easier to glue on the straws.  (Trust me, I started with it round, and changed my tactic after a painstaking 4 rows of straws.  This way is a LOT easier.)  I actually also simplified my tactics after my first attempt too.  Originally I had the idea of making all the straws even at the top and the bottom, but because the shade was deeper top to bottom than my straws were long, I needed two pieces of straw.  And I didn’t want to have the cut lines all at the same point so I was individually sizing each strip.  It took a while.  So, when I decided to change tactics I changed concepts too, going with this more freeform waterfall look instead.  This time I used two uncut straws for each line, simply varying where they were attached to the actual shade.  

Overall, I’m happy with the results.  I love the bottom part, but I’m a bit unsure about the strong band in the middle, from the original drum shade blocking the light.  Is the line too stark?  I’d love some opinions from readers.  My options would mainly be gluing on another layer of straws, but I was thinking that I could either try a layer inside the shade, or I could do another layer on the outside in some fashion, but I don’t know…  Mostly because its additional work, but also I love the simple tube shape the exterior takes.  Of course if I glued the straws on the inside I wouldn’t mess that up, but I just don’t know.  Is it pushing the point too much?  Is the horizontal band really that terrible?  Thoughts??

I have a small version of the Lobbo, and I’m thinking of trying another version but this time, maybe cutting the shade into smaller strips.  I was thinking, if I glued the straws in place on the top piece (the piece that has the holes that attach to the frame) then once the straws were in place I could glue on the other strips of the shade, to give a stripe-y look. It could look cool, it could look messed up.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!  I am hopeful that because the shade is so much smaller, I can more easily (and with less work) play around with the look, such as multiple layers of straws etc.  I also had an idea to sew a layer of straws on the bottom, that can hang free for a more varied look.  But that might be too much work, no matter how small the shade!

I also had a few issues with photographing it turned off, the photos seemed sort of blurred.  So I’ll try again tomorrow (assuming it isn’t gray and rainy as the weather report suggests) so hopefully I’ll have some better photos to post soon.

And I will be back later this week with another 30x30x3 project, so ciao until then! Allison

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14 Responses to Project 27 Week 29 – White Straw Chandelier

  1. Serena says:

    Very cool! Love how you can take an everyday, simple object like a plastic straw and make something so eye-catching.

  2. Ann says:

    I like it! Seeing the shade doesn’t bother me, in fact I hadn’t noticed the shadow until you mentioned it. I was too busy looking at the uneven edges of the straws which are eye-catching in a good way. Maybe next time see if you can work it so the shade shadow is more centered between the upper and lower uneven straw edges? Does that make sense? btw, what is the little black dot?!

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  4. Donna Woods says:

    Amazingly fun and simple!

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  6. Wow! Just found your site… and I’m totally digging this lamp. Love the shifting edges… I can also imagine it with a shifted 3-4″ wide “ring” around the center made from solid colored straws. I’m thinking tv test screen colors (but not necessarily in that pattern). I’m definitely gonna have to dig around your site some more to see all your projects!

  7. qtpatootieme says:

    I just ordered 2 of these shades; 1 Blue, 1 Black, from eBay, direct from Hong Kong. Great price, low ship. Looking forward to having a couple new straw projects to do in a month or so!

  8. qtpatootieme says:

    Just found and ordered 2 of these lamps; 1 in Blue & 1 in Black on eBay, direct from Hong Kong. Good price and low ship. Looking forward to my own DIY straw project with them! ~:)

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  10. Audrey says:

    What is the black dot on the straws?

  11. Wangu says:

    This is a really cool shade. Pretty simple but I can’t get over it! Love it!

  12. lialinda says:

    Love it! Great as is, but if the dark band in the middle doesn’t seem to you like it should be there, you can maybe wrap a (shiny gold?) band around the top & bottom of the dark area, which might make the dark area seem more deliberate…

    …maybe you could use some plastic chrome shelf edging, or perhaps ribbon?

  13. Ghisele says:

    Hi Allison; Great Job!!! I really love your idea, it does look a little more attractive during the day when you don’t see the color difference, but I think there are endless ways to address your quandary. Maybe found objects you could attach around in a pattern that would follow the up and down of the straws shells, plastic rhinestones, something to that effect. If you’re going to have that “band” why not use it? You could also go with some ribbon or twine or the like, in a straight row.Just throwing out some ideas. I also saw some really beautiful button crafting around on Pinterest or just around….

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