Road Maps Run Rampant! (3 R’s of a different nature…)

Apologies for the long disappearance, life got a bit busy and I feel terrible but I just wasn’t able to find the time to write blog posts.  Sorry!!  For today I thought I’d jump back in with a quick and fun variation on one of my most popular designs, my large faceted pendant light made from fortune tellers.  This time instead of using plain white paper, I used pages from a French road atlas instead, creating a wonderfully colorful light with a very different feel from the crisp white version.

Personally I am loving this updated version, it is also smaller than my previous light, this one measures approximately 14 inches across instead of 18.  I think the colorful maps make for a really fun light, which would look awesome in a bedroom or den, especially in a kids bedroom.

I used 4 inch squares of paper (if I remember correctly) and a 12 inch lantern, and approximately 125-150 fortune tellers, I can’t remember the exact number.

One interesting difference is the look of the light when lit.  The maps let less light through than the plain white paper, so when the light is turned on the centers of the fortune tellers are much more opaque.  While somewhat unexpected at first, I think it leads to added visual interest when the light is on, for a more varied surface overall.

What do you guys think?

I’ll be back this week with another new project, I promise!  For now, have a lovely Saturday evening.  Cheers! Allison

(Oh and of course I forgot to mention, it’s available in my Etsy shop!)

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26 Responses to Road Maps Run Rampant! (3 R’s of a different nature…)

  1. meerar says:

    Looks fantastic. I wonder if it is better looking when unlit than the plain version? The lit effect is truly lovely.

    • Thanks Meera! Its not that it looks better unlit than the plain version, its just a very different overall effect. The white version is crisp and bright and very modern and elegant looking. The map version is colorful and fun and while still looking modern it has a more laid-back look. The shape of the fortune tellers takes more of a backseat to the color of the maps. I love them both, but would probably use them very differently in my own home, personally I think the map light would look fantastic in a little boys room, whereas I’d choose the white version for my own bedroom, or even the dining room or kitchen.

  2. Mary Griffin says:

    That’s gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be great in a library, den or schoolroom? Very nice job!

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  4. Hey, I’ve started making one myself, but i dont know if my fortune tellers are too big? I just used an a4 paper, and then cut off all the extra paper that was leftover when making it. My lantern has a diameter of 50 cm. (without the fortune tellers that is).. Can I ask how big your fortune tellers are? (the paper before its folded?)
    Nice job btw. these are sosooo awesome!!

  5. Cynthia says:

    can you tell me please, what kind of “lantern” are you referring to?

  6. Christianna says:

    Hi! I am really excited to try this!! I make origami boxes for Christmas lights and recently did maps as well. I cut the paper into standard origami paper size and found the cutting of maps somewhat laborious, and I only did 35! Do you have any advice into how I would cut 125-175 pieces (that was your estimate) of map? For some reason it is that beginning part that I find the most daunting!

  7. Reuben says:

    You are really creative! Great stuff!

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  9. Sue says:

    So impressed that Baba’s gonna give it a try ! I will forward a photo of the finished project !

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  13. Ruth says:

    Looks fantastic! Lanterns usually have holes at the bottom, how do you cover that??

    • Actually I feel it is very important to leave the holes at the top and bottom uncovered, to allow cooler air to flow around the light bulb, for fire safety reasons. I hope this helps! Allison

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