Zipper8Lighting on, Take 2!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I’ve been super busy because starting today my lights are for sale on for a second time!  

I’m super excited, and this time I’m offering a wider selection of my artichoke pendants, including the original book page style, but also the versions made from maps, cartoons, sheet music and flowers.

I’ve been busy preparing for the last few months really, and if you didn’t believe me here’s a shot of a small piece of my hallway.  Yep, that’s lots and lots of lights hanging from the ceiling…  I’m thinking that I need to build in money for a studio, or some sort of storage, into my future business plan!

If you’re interested in checking out the sale (you can scoop up my lights at 24-27% off) then here’s the link:  And if you aren’t a member of it’s free to sign up, and I think you can join on the home page.

Cheers!  Allison

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4 Responses to Zipper8Lighting on, Take 2!

  1. Wow, your pieces are fantastic! Love the shade with music notes!

  2. Jenn says:

    These are awesome!

  3. jet says:

    Love your new light shades, cool that you have experimented with other paper scraps.
    well done. Very beautiful work!!!

  4. alexis says:

    so fabulous!!!
    I really am so lazy that I would never be bothered to make a business out of my crafts.
    Those towers of shades make me so happy.. just think, you will be inspiring and decorating houses all over the world! what a great achievement!

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